2022年11月Steely Danの曲からサンプリングした曲(*の後が元曲)
Who Samledのサイト調べ。便利な世の中だなあ)
1."Deja Vu (Uptown Baby) ” Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz *”Black Cow”
2."Cutting Rhythms" Tone-Loc *”Black Cow”
3."Live and Learn" Joe Public *"Peg"
4."Love You Better" Alex Preston *"Peg"
5."Luv My Life" Nitty Scott *"Peg"
6."London" Tjuvjakt *"Do It Again"
7."Don't Trust 'Em" Ice Cube *"Green Earrings"
8."Dress Up" Sleepy Brown *"Midnight Cruiser"
9."The Glorious" Add-2 and Khrysis *"The Royal Scam"
10."Tout Est Calculé" Koma *"The Royal Scam"
11."Everybody Knows Me" *"The Royal Scam"
12."Ride Up" Ice City feat. Freeway and Joe Budden *"The Royal Scam"
13."Nå Om Da'n" Gatas Parlament *"Home at Last"
14."Hard as Hell" Ant Banks *"Home at Last"
15."Il Qvinto Potere" Gente Guasta *"Home at Last"
16."No Static At All" 3rd Base *"FM (No Static at All)"
17."Mash Up the Mic" Private Investigators *"FM (No Static at All)"
18."I Decline" Envelope *"Fire in the Hole"
19."Threemosphere" Atmosphere *"Haitian Divorce"
20."Going" Mr.Kinetik *"Haitian Divorce"
21."Huana" O.S.T.R. *"Haitian Divorce"
22."Vi Tager Fuglen På Dig" Malk De Koijn *"My Rival"
23."Sayonara" Klashnekoff *"Kings"
24."Children Cry" Ayatollah *"Kings"
25."Pra Lá Do Horizonte" Black Mastah *"Kings"
26."Wordz of Wizdom" 3rd Base *"Everyone7s Gone to the Movies"
27."I Know Where It's At" All Saints *"The Fez"
28."Star" Amiri *”Pretel Logic”
29."Looney Tunes" Spectac & Amiri *"I Can't Function"
1."White Rabbit" Patti Smith
2."Rat Race" The Specials
3."Buffalo Gal" Thin Lizzy
4."Black Cow" Mark Masters Ensemble
5."The Love Cats" Tricky
6."Atomic Dog 2017" Meshell Ndegeocello
7. "Coyote(Concert Version)[featuring Joni Mitchell]" The Band
8."Fox on the Run" Girlscholl
9."War Pigs" Brass Against
10."Dog In Heat" Missy Elliott feat. Method Man and Redman
11."Shock the Monkey" Don Ho
12."Rocky Racoon" Ramse Lewis
13."Ram On" Found Wandering
14."Weasel and the White Boys Cool" Rickie Lee Jones
15."Dolphine Dance" Herbie Hancock
16."Wild Horses" The Rolling Stones
17."ぼくはくま" 宇多田ヒカル
18."Too Many Puppies" Primus
19."The Sea Lion" Grover Washington Jr.
20."I Am the Walrus" Spooky Tooth
22."Pigs" Cypress Hill
23."Moby Dick Led Zeppelin
24."Elephant Talk" Copeland, King, Cosma & Belew
25."Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer" The Cadillacs
26."Jaguar" Mavis Staples
27."Sheep Go to Heaven" Cake
28."The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" Genesis
29."Bat Out of Hell" Meat Loaf
30."タイガー&ドラゴン" クレイジーケンバンド
31."Leave My Monkey lone" Warren Zevon
32."Boy Who Cried Wolf" The Style Council
33."Hound Dog" Big Mama Thornton
1."New Year's Resolution" Otis Redding&Carla Thomas
2."Celtic New Year" Van Morrison
3."Break a New Day" Funky Boogie Brothers
4."You Make Me Feel Brand New" Roberta Flack
5."Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" Roger
6."74 Is the New 24" Giorgio Moroder
7."New Frontier" Donald Fagen
8."New Position""New Power Generation"”New World” Prince3曲
9."New World Order" Curtis Mayfield
10."New" Paul Mccartney
11."That New Funkadelic" Ice Cube
12."Love Puts On a New Face" Joni Mitchell
13."Brand New Player" Zapp
14."Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New" The Roots
15."I Want a New Drug" Huey Lewis & The News
16."New Jack City" Gemaine & Charlie Heat
17."Get You Somebody New" Labelle
18."New Doo Review" Parliament
19."Brand New Day(Theme from "The Landlord")" The Staple Singers
20."A New Love" Ruth Brown
21."新時代思想” 岡村靖幸
22."New to You" Calvin Harris, Normani, Tinashe, and Offset
23."New Sensation" Inxs
24."Brand New Day" 10cc
25.New Town" Bryan Ferry
26."New Moon On Monday" Duran Duran
27."Brand New Honda" クレイジーケンバンド
1."Video Kill the Radion Star" The Buggles
2."Radioactive" The Firm
3."Radio Ga Ga" Queen
4."Devil's Radio" George Harrison
5."You Turn Me On I'm a Radio" Joni Mitchell
6."That's Why Goc Made the Radion" The Beach Boys
7."FM" Steely Dan
8."Radio Free Europe" R.E.M.
9."Shit On the Radio(Remember the Days)" Nelly Furtado
10."Heart Station" 宇多田ヒカル
11."Turn It Up" Robert Plant
12.”Dawn FM" The Weekend
13."Mr. Radio" Electric Light Orchestra
14."Mohammed's Radio" Warren Zevon
15."I Can't Live Without My Radio" LL Cool J
16."On My Radio" The Selector
17."トランジスタ・ラジオ" 山崎まさよし
18."Raised On Radio" Journey
19."The Spirit of Radio" Rush
20."This Is Radio Clash" The Clash
21."Oh Yeah" Roxy Music
22."Radio" Jamiroquai
23."On the Radio" Donna Summer
24."Essa E Pra Tocar No Radio" Gilberto Gil & Jorge Ben Jor
25."I Bet The Won't Play This Song On the Radio" Monty Python
26."Radio Silence" Thomas Dolby
27."Radioactivity" Kraftwerk
28."?(Modern Industry)" Fishbone
29."Raio X (Vinheta De Abertura)" Fernanda Abreu